Spicy Bloody Mary Peanuts

Rebel Mary stepped from the shadows — they both knew instantly they were meant for each other. The perfect ingredients for a spicy relationship, and a true love affair was born.

Hot Buffalo

The sauce has been made using the same age old chili pepper — the Cow Horn Pepper. Grown only on an ominous cliff face at the edge of The Silent Lake.

Tomato, garlic and cheese

Secret sauce, fresh mozzarella and pasta flew through the air, peppering everyone in flavor goodness. And just as the fight reached a real frenzy, a clear voice rang out over the crowd.“Mamma Mia!”

Mesquite smoke and pineapple BBQ

“This delectable fruit! Eureka! Follow me Miss Keet!” Lord Nut rushed off to the kitchen, dicing the pineapple as he went. Into the vat of simmering sauce went the pineapple.

Cheddar cheese and jalapeno

As the legend goes, the General, who sought to ban all spice from the lands, was exiled by the extra cheesy, spicy jalapeno freeing masked hero — El Cheddarales.

Thai curry and lemongrass

As the Lord pushed off from the radiant Thai shore he was even more excited about the special gift the villagers had stored under the bow of the boat – stores of lemongrass curry to aid him on his journey.

In almost all aspects of life, Lord Nut Levington has thrown his irreverent style in the face of the establishment.

Get to know

Lord nut & His Noblemen

Lord Nut Levington

He is… the gastronomical activist, leader of the Taste Resistance, bringer of true flavor to the masses. He is Lord Nut Levington!

In almost all aspects of life, Lord Nut Levington has thrown his irreverent style in the face of the establishment. Urban legend has it that Levington hails from Blighty – an unsavory land known for its extreme blandness and lack of flavor.

He craved unique tastes of varying intensities and could not be confined to a bland existence. When he could stand it no longer, Levington decided upon a self-imposed exile and set out for the exciting New World in search of flavor.

Many experiences and flavor expeditions later, Levington found his mission in life – to lead the Taste Resistance and make a stand against bland. He would bring freedom of flavor to those oppressed by taste conformity. So, to those destined for flavor greatness, or those needing to be liberated from a flavorless existence – join him and continue this revolution.

All in flavor, say YES!

Sanjiv Patel

The son of an immigrant London shopkeeper, Sanjiv Patel’s path to the Flavor Revolution began like most epics do: at the bottom rung, swabbing the decks… okay, fine, stocking shelves.

Moving from the smoke-filled atmosphere of London to the can-do, bootstrap atmosphere and giant blue skies of America was like coming home for Sanjiv. Finally, a place where people think like he does—get ‘er done! Finishing his MBA at Babson College in Massachusetts, and working as Director of Finance for Stacy’s® Pita Chips, and subsequently seeing through their sale to Frito Lay, Sanjiv got a firsthand look at real, category-changing success. And he was hooked.

After a short stint back in London, where he quickly got bored, the muse struck. There’s too much bland, same-same, ho-hum out there. Somebody needed to stand up for the flavor-oppressed, but he needed a mascot that people could rally behind. Something that people could adopt as their own motto, and a leader to carry the flag into battle.

Welcome Lord Nut Levington to the stage, a true revolutionary, a man willing to stand up to the Orwellian competition pushing mediocre (at best!) products at the masses, all the while raking in obscene profits from the unwitting, bewildered public tricked into thinking that “simply salted” is the best they’re going to get.

In 2011 Sanjiv launched Lord Nut Levington as a foundation to build from, a beachhead from which to grow Sanjiv’s vision of Freedom of Flavor to the masses and to hopefully one day grow beyond a single product and into multiple categories, all the while leading the same charge: Fight Bland!

Holy Cow, LLC.

In the crowded field of brands and products, ours may not be the wealthiest, the oldest, or the most conventional, but our products will be special, they will be loved, and of course…. THEY WILL MOO!

Holy Cow LLC is a consumer products company born out of an intense passion for the consumer experience. It is our goal to bring life, imagination, and energy into otherwise tired product categories, through remarkable brands that win hearts and inspire minds. Our hard work will bring us the resources through which we can support our community and share our successes.

How we give back

A big objective of our company is that we want to participate in the communities in which we operate.

As part of this objective we started our program of charitable giving in August 2010. At that point we still did not have any sales as a company, but we wanted to prioritize this spirit in our organization’s culture. Although our donations are still relatively small, we look to find smaller groups to whom such a donation can really have an impact. Not all causes get the profile needed to attract a donor group, especially in these challenging economic times.

Our journey of finding local charities that need help has been very humbling. We have met people trying so hard to make a difference despite what has been a challenging economy and causes that are often such ominous issues to tackle (e.g. breast cancer, bereavement, or blindness). Being able to help such groups has by far been the most satisfying activity in our company’s story so far. It has motivated us to work harder so that our contributions can increase over time together with the number of organizations we help.



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